I would have never believed it but we’re still here, it’s been 10 great years in wich i met so many great people i can’t even imagine how i could have been the person i am now without studiocromie. This year i even bought a new massive space that will soon become my new studio and already is the new gallery. Studiocromie is now clearly what i thought it would have become when i built the first printing table back in 2006: a lifetime project. This was and still is my custom made escape from imposed paths and possible lifes that were offered to me, it’s exactly the life i want and it’s thanks to a lot of people that this is still possible. Studiocromie still exist and it’s stronger then ever. thank you beautiful people. I promise i’ll keep working hard, starting today:

StudioCromie is releasing new prints by Zio Ziegler, CaneMorto, Lucy Mclauchlan, Word To Mother and JAZ !
hope you like them!
If you’re around this saturday, 17 december, come by the gallery, we’ll be having a 10 years anniversary group show and it’s going to be good!