hello everybody!
long time no speak, it’s been a weird summer, productive, but in a different way.
i had to learn again, for the 100th time, that working with artists can be a bitch and it’s only getting worst year by year.
instagram and fame makes them much more stupid and less responsive to the real world, they end up thinking that what they do is relevant outside their studios and they basically loose their mind when they walk away from it and realize the world doesnt need any of their speculations. Dealing with their bullshit i keep asking myself : why am i doing it?

let me put it down nicely:

i do it for the money now, i need it to fix this new huge space i bought and turn it into a studio/gallery/house/guesthouse but i also do it because every 10 spoiled assholes i meet in this business, there’s a very nice person who makes my life better. Somehow, magically, this ratio is enough to keep me going and i dream that once i’ll be done fixing the new space i’ll be able to enjoy it with the 1/10 of great people i’m meeting and working with now. It will be the definitive Studio Cromie and it will all make sense when it will be up and running, bear with me my friends and it will all be fun again

So, speaking of this 1 nice person out of 10 nightmares, i’m here to introduce you all to the work of Marco Pariani, drumroll… a normal, nice, safe and functioning human being!

we made this print together, he painted 25 different backgrounds and we screened 12 colors on top of each of them. they’re all very different from each other so keep it in mind while ordering!