REVOK, three colors kundalini from STUDIO CROMIE on Vimeo.

Hello Everybody! We’re releasing three new prints by REVOK !
We made one with the same style a few months ago and it sold out in seconds, it just felt stupid to us at studiocromie that we wished we had printed more of them. We did that later, in three new sexy colorways, packed them in a super heavy box and flew them to the states to try and convince king REVOK to sign them. It was a nightmare to carry that box all that way but luckily Jason liked them and here they are! hope you’ll like them too !

I said i was going to release these on the 15th, but tomorrow is my birthday and i’ll be hanging around with my friends so i thought i’d better put them up already. Also, my english is worst then usual here ’cause they’re waiting downstairs and i really have to go !

thank you all ! happy 2018 !