hey! we give zero fucks about christmas madness but out of coincidence, we’re here doing our first mayor december release in ages, if you feel like, eventually, buying something nice out of all that crap the world is forcefeeding you these days, you can do it here:

Marco Pariani made 5 drawings, i love what this guys does, i just can’t stand his audio messages, they’re too long, he contradicts himself a few times while he records them and he even expect you to get what he’s saying… i wanted to share with you the frustration of getting one of these messages with this video 🙂

on the other side of the world, my favorite artistic duo ever, Cyop & Kaf just opened a show in Napoli to celebrate their 25 years of being an artistic couple. i don’t have enough words to explain what i feel about these artists, and for once, i’ll let their artwork speak for them, we’ve just released 10 sculptures of clay, cement and found metal

last but not least, come see us at the second edition of the FuckUps festival at studiocromie! 20/22 december in grottaglie!