Printed during the first lockdown of the shit virus pandemic of 2020, we’re happy to release “Cover”, a 13 colors handpulled screenprint from the Oakand based artist and restless skater Jeffrey Cheung

…now, to go a little more personal, as for many of us, its been a VERY hard wretched year for me, full of loss and unprecedented hard shit to go trough. what you see up here, in this print, is the results of self determination, will to live, passion and luck. Yes, i’m good at pumping myself up with the belief that i deserve every bit of good that comes my way as i know how hard i’ve been working to create it all, but there’s also a great deal of luck in my story: I’m lucky to be alive and healthy, to love what i do, and to be able to share it with you all. Walking to the studio everyday during the lockdown has been an extreme luxury, having artists from the other side of the world trusting me and allowing me to print their art remotely felt great and the process of fucking with these prints until they were completed is definitely what kept me sane and kicking through this shit year. i hope you’ll like them as much as i do and that you’ll find a slice of relief in them too knowing that a lot of love went into making them and that in an exaggerated fashion i can tell that they saved my life <3